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Consulting Services

Looking A Customer Ahead. Outside Eyes for Inside Results.

When building a Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food brand position, it isn't difficult to develop a relevant and differentiated brand promise. Two things are difficult, driving the brand deep into the organization so that you deliver a consistent message at all consumer touch-points, and understanding your customer’s entire journey.
Foodservice Solutions® outside eyes deliver inside results helping you with both. In our Omni-Channel retail world Looking a Customer Ahead is where Foodservice Solutions® excels. Integrating Foodservice Solutions® 5 P’s of Food Marketing, will edify your positioning while empowering consumer choice.
Foodservice Solutions® offers Customized Consulting Projects and the following:

Ready-2-Eat & Heat-N-Eat:

Food Product Ideation
Menu engineering
Fast-tracking for Scalable Growth

Brand Immigration Service; bring your brand to the United States:

Grocery Stores
Convenience Stores

Migration Marketing Assessments

Vertical Integration of Foodservice Solutions ® 5 P’s of Food Marketing
Proprietary Customer Migration Scorecard
Competitor's Customer Migration Scorecard

Grocerant Niche Assessments

Competitive Analysis

Financial Analysis

Product Opportunity Scorecard
Menu Opportunity Scorecard
Chain and Store Scorecard
Brand Positioning Scorecard
Due Diligence for Litigators & Investors